Have not received welcome letter and can't access account

I created a new business account on 11/25 and ported over two lines from a previous consumer account. Since the new account was created I have not received the welcome letter. Apparently, having this letter is the only way to setup/access the account online. As of now I can not manage my lines, view plan, or even pay my bill. I have no way of knowing what plan my two lines are under. Do I have unlimited data? No idea. Do I have tethering? No idea. It's completely unacceptable to be asked to pay a bill when I have no idea what's going on with my account.

Every weekend since 11/25, I have been on multiple calls with support all stating that the issue will be resolved within the next 24hrs. The 24hr wait periods came and went and the issue still persists. On my more recent calls I have tried escalating this issue up to supposed supervisors, but even they couldn't assist me.

I'm tired of wasting my weekends having the same conversations with a support rep. Has anyone had this issue before? If so, how did you get it resolved? At this point I think the only option I have left is just to move to another carrier completely.

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Re: Have not received welcome letter and can't access account
Customer Service Rep

We are here sorry to hear this is the experience you are having with our Buisness Dept! If we can help in any way we will, just DM us. We can answer billing questions, quotes and more. We understand your frustration, and do appreciate your patience. We will try to assist you as quickly as possible through chat. We look forward to assisting you!