Hurricane Michael Support

I want to thank Verizon for their generosity of free voice, text, and data the days after Hurricane Michael.  Verizon very generously offered our area free voice, data, and text for 5 days after Hurricane Michael- right when we needed it the most!

Most of Dothan lost power.  Comcast failed miserably as even before the hurricane hit our area cable and internet went down.  Save for Verizon, we were essentially cut off from the outside world when we needed it the most.

Even during the worst of the storm Verizon Wireless was somehow still fully functioning so people were able to call and text me their situation.  I was able to get chainsaws and generators to my staff that needed them as soon as it was safe.

At the office, we cobbled together a couple of WiFi hotspots that allowed us to start shipping on Friday so no one lost paychecks (I paid for Wednesday and Thursday). Amazon and eBay hold us to extreme shipping standards and even through the devastation we were able to keep our reputation as fast, reliable shippers in tact.

It is clear Verizon takes their civic responsibility as a public service very seriously by planning for contingencies in times of major disaster.

Thank you, Verizon!

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Re: Hurricane Michael Support

Here in Bay County, Florida only AT&T customers have service. Today is a week and we have cell service only. No data.  Verizon has failed us miserably. everyone here had to bup prepaid phones to have service.  Called Verizon customer service this morning and was told everyone is getting unlimited calling and data. Well there’s no data available and I’m already paying for unlimited on both of those.  So clueless customer servic people.

Re: Hurricane Michael Support
Customer Service Rep

PHIADA46, we truly hope that you and yours are safe after this devastating storm. Please know that we are working around the clock to restore full services in the area. As we know that you have much more to worry about than your cell service, we are offering 3 months free of service for the Bay County area as well as several additional counties. There are wireless emergency communication centers available in multiple locations and details may be found at We do hope that this will help at such a time.

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