Major porting issues
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I am very much regretting our decision to switch to Verizon. And from a search I see many others have this issue. We got in on one of the deals and we received notice that our numbers were ported over. So when I was having trouble with SMS texting (yet another verizon issue that is all over this and apple forums)  I contacted the chat for technical troubleshooting. I have spent HOURS* with them. Not one person checked the porting situation. It was not until my son turned on my old phone and there were all of the missing texts because it is still connected to t mobile. I said this to one of the agents via chat and they assured me my number was now with verizon! Is this gaslighting? Via this forum I found a number for the port center. I didn't even know that existed - and a nice woman there told me my number was not ported and gave me some steps to make that happen. I have no idea if or how long it will take to complete this. I am in shock that verizon allows this to be such an issue and that their chat agents have no clue how to assist a new customer in getting this taken care of. 

So...if by any chance someone sees this - skip chats and technical "help" and call this number 888-844-7095

*those hours were unnecessary - not only because they didn't actually solve an issue at all or even know where to send me to solve an issue - they take between 5 and 10 minutes to respond to each message. In fact my last round of messages, the person was gone for 20 minutes and then I received a message from a new person say the old one got off of his shift and left! 

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