My First Month

So…here goes…

On August 30th I put in an application for personal service. I was approved for 3 lines, no deposit. But a pretty small credit limit. I decided to go in to a store and see about opening a business account. Ive owned an appliance repair company since 2011. I had an account with a Verizon competitor for 7 years and they treated me well, gave me whatever I wanted. But their service wasn’t great, So I went to a Verizon corporate store in my area and spoke with a business account manager on staff. I gave him a copy of my tax ID, my ID and told him that was all I had at the time. He said that was fine and he was busy and would get with me the next morning. He texted me the next day and said I was all set up…10 lines no deposit. I went in to the store later that day, told him I wanted an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and an iPad Pro 12.9. He had the phone in stock, but the iPad had to ship. He rang them both up, got me an otter box and screen protector for the phone, a charging block and a pair of AirPod pros. I went with the highest unlimited plans, plus insurance and 24 month payments. It was great. The service was great and I was pleased with the way it all went down.

About a week later I was looking in my My Verizon business app cuz I wanted to see what my first bill was gonna look like. I was expecting a few hundred bucks. It was only $81.05. That didn’t seem right so I called Customer service and asked why it was so low. Told her what I expected it to be and what it was and she said that wasn’t my actual first bill, but just the fees and taxes. 

A week or so after that I started thinking about getting another iPad, it was going to someone in a different state than me. So, rather than getting one sent to me then sending it to her I decided to order it on the My Verizon app. So this past Friday, I did just that…

The next day I went to check the status of the order, and it showed “Pending”, and I had an email from Verizon Fraud Prevention that said they wanted to help resolve my issue, asked me to call. I thought that was weird, but it was being shipped to another State, so I assumed they just wanted to verify that I did in fact place the order. I called, and the guy at Fraud Prevention I spoke with told me that the only problem he saw with the order was that they didn’t have it in stock, so it looked like it went in as a pre order. I asked if I should go back to the store, and he said that was a good idea. So I did…Saturday…I showed the guy at the store the pending order, and told him about the conversation I had with Fraud. He told me that iPad was on back order but he had some in stock. He brought one along with a screen protector out of the back, scanned it into my account and thanked me for my business.

Then…Sunday night…without warning…without ANY word at all…my services were turned off. Logged into the app and my lines all said suspended. I called customer service, and they were closed! I called fraud prevention and demanded they tell me why my brand new account was now suspended when I hadn’t even gotten my first bill. (I over paid that 81 bucks by the way…paid 100 extra) The girl at fraud put me on hold, and came back with an attitude and told me “We’re trying to get that documentation from you sir”…I was NEVER asked for documentation. So I asked what documentation she was referring to, She ran down a list of sensitive personal documents that I either don’t have, or have no interest in sharing with Verizon Wireless. At this point I’m livid! I have no phone, on Sunday night, with 12 clients on Monday and no way to Navigate to call them, or navigate to their house, or look up their parts, or create and send them invoices. I sat on the phone arguing with the fraud department for 4 hours and they wouldn’t budge. I did, however, speak with a floor supervisor who agreed to turn my services back on for 7 days since they gave me ZERO warning! But in the mean time they still want docs that I do not want to give them and should not have to. I have provided a federal tax ID, My ID and a vehicle registration titled to the business with the address and tax ID I provided. That’s what the account was set up with, that’s what they handed me $4500 worth of merchandise with, and that’s all I’m really willing to provide. 

As of right now…my username is locked, my devices IMEI’s are tagged as STOLEN! And no one I’ve spoken with has the authority to override the Fraud department. I sat on hold with the IRS for 3 HOURS! Today trying to get copies of what verizon is demanding from me just so I can keep AND PAY FOR my phone and my 2 tablets…And if I do not give them my documents, they will suspend my services on Sunday…but wait…it gets better!

If I just want to say forget it verizon and return the devices I will need a return authorization…so they gave me the **bleep**…won’t allow me to use or pay for the **bleep**…Dont want the **bleep** back, But are def going to bill me for it, after they lock and deactivate it on other networks, and will hold my number hostage until I pay off the balances!

I have done absolutely nothing wrong! I have never been treated like this by a company I’ve ever done business with, and in the end they will do me over and hit my credit and leave me with unusable, unreturnable devices. Not at all does this seem like it will ever be a mutually beneficial relationship. I’m being completely taken advantage of all in the name of not being taken advantage of!

All I wanted was a quality device on a quality network with decent customer service. I never tried to steal from Verizon or any one, and I don’t like being treated as such, just because I don’t want to bend to your will. Several balls were dropped here…but none by me!

Tonight I went to the Apple store and spent 800 bucks on an IPhone 12 unlocked, no sim so I won’t ever go thru this again!

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