Need Help activating immediately, no resources available to me

I transferred my number over to Verizon 3 days ago online using eSim, however, even though I lost my previous carrier, I have never received service from Verizon. I obviously cannot call customer service for help, and I can't use the chat function because the link is broken. No matter what link or where I go to try to chat with customer service, clicking the option does nothing at all. I can't even finish account creation on the website because every time I try to send a verification pin to my email it runs into an error and even though I never got a pin, it now says I've exceeded pin generations for 24 hrs. I need help immediately, this is absolutely ridiculous and if it continues I will be dropping Verizon and switching back.

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Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry you've been trying to get your services up and running. If you've been unable to verify, you can always visit a store location to complete verification via a photo ID. You can locate a store using our Store Locator: