New Phone activation

Purchased a new phone from Verizon to replace the an older phone. The on phone setup instructions did not work, message on phone said to contact Verizon. Now the nightmare begins, all of the automated suggesting from the AI agent did not work. After 20 mins finally was able to speak to a person, 40 mins later phone still not activated. I could stay on phone any longer, said they would call me the next day at a certain time  and elevate the issue to Level 2 support. I am glad was not holding my breath waiting on the return call. 

I called support the next day since they did not call me back I called at the agreed time. Nightmare day 2. I explained to the technician the it need to go the next level support, that fell on deaf ears. After 1.5 hour repeating ALL of the steps the the day before I insisted being transferred to level 2 support. After waiting 55 mins for the next lever support some lady get on the phone and ask how can she help. Now they want me to recap the previous 2 the level 1 people bother to talk to the level 2 person to find out what is happening???  When I ask the lady did she not get any notes or information from first lady I spoke,  this person HUNG UP ON ME!!! 2 HOURS on the stinking phone and she hangs up on me.  THAT'S REALLY GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT VERIZON!

I called back went through insane procedure to talk to customer AGAIN, waited another 40 mins for talk to Level 2 technician. After 30 mins she had the problem resolved. Thank you Christine. 

What is sad is EVERY TIME I upgrade my phone I go through the same nightmare with these under trained people they call customer support technicians.

I know this will fall on deaf ears at Verizon.