No one will speak to us regarding our account
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Our business has many lines with Verizon, and have had them for a long time. We have been trying to reach Verizon Wireless with questions about our data usage. Every time we call, it's a different story as to how many admins are on the account. People that have had admin access are denied any information. No admins have been removed from the account, so we do not understand why this is. Several of us have called. We've physically gone into a Verizon location and had admins added. When those admins call in, access is still denied. Today, i spoke with a customer service rep, and then to a supervisor, who both said there is nothing they can do to help, it's just policy. We did receive a form from Verizon to add an admin, but when we submit it, the email with a link to confirm the admin never arrives. So we are completely locked out of our account. We have other service provider options. If this is not resolved, we'll literally be forced use someone else. Someone from Verizon needs to contact us today. 

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Re: No one will speak to us regarding our account
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Emilyw1660, understanding your data usage, and managing your business account is vital, and it saddens us to learn you've had such a challenging time trying to gain access over the phone, and in store. We value you as a customer, and we'd never want to lose your business! Your account security is one of our top priorities, which is why we can only work with someone listed as an account admin. I understand you've tried to have users who are already listed as an admin contact us, and they're still unable to gain access. You've also taken steps to have new users added as admins, and you're having trouble with the link within the email to confirm them being added. We want to help as much as possible; however, here in social media, we do not have access to business accounts. We recommend reaching out to our business team for additional assistance by dialing 800-922-0204 Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM local time and entering one of the mobile business numbers associated with the account. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.



Re: No one will speak to us regarding our account
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They appologize, but still can`t figure out how to fix the problem.

Re: No one will speak to us regarding our account
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