Not too ( Business ) friendly !

I moved my service from T-Mobile last month. Wanted to make International calls today but could not. So I just called Verizon to add International calling features to my new iPhone cause i am traveling for business next week and need to use it there too. Their answer : I can not make International phone calls from here nor use my phone abroad for 90 days because i am a new costumer!  Are you kidding me? Why don't you put this ad in your window? Ohh and I already paid $400 deposit for 1 year because it's a new business...

Is it the 21st century here too?

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Re: Not too ( Business ) friendly !
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We do offer an internal credit check that may allow you to have the International Dialing feature prior to the 90 days. For additional assistance, please PM us your account and contact information. 


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