Nothing But a Nightmare Switching to Verizon
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March 9th, 2023

It all started on February 23rd. It’s been 3 weeks and still working on “successfully” porting a number over from AT&T and this has been nothing but a nightmare. First, they ported the number to the new phone too soon. I stopped receiving texts from Verizon users the very next day. Incredibly, UPS tried to deliver the phone and then returned to sender because I wasn't there. No UPS  Store pickup or anything. On February 27th, one agent had me order a new phone with a temporary number to be picked up at the Verizon Retail store. He assured me I would be refunded the full amount for my original order. I then had to wait until the phone that was originally ordered and sent back before it could have my AT&T number ported to it.  That all took about 4 days but on March 3rd, that was finally done. HOWEVER, I wasn't receiving some texts, especially IMessages. I called to have this issue corrected, and guess what?  THEY MESSED UP THE PORT AGAIN!! It seems like they reversed the port. I have spoken to about 10 agents over the course of 15 hours over 3 weeks. Some are helpful and some have botched it up monumentally. Then I was sent to a Verizon store for them to help me. They thought it was just as ABSURD as I did. This has been insanity from the minute I decided to switch over. 

So I am currently holding 2 phones- my old IPhone with my AT&T number active on that, and my new Verizon IPhone that is basically a paperweight, that also has my temporary number. It can make outgoing calls from my number, but NOTHING else!  To add insult to injury, they want to charge me full price and not honor the promotion I signed up for because THEY messed up the entire order from all angles. This is the resolution I want- my number ported successfully so that EVERY feature on my new IPhone works, my temporary number cancelled, and to get the promotional offer I signed up for. ($5 per month IPhone, and $10 off my Fios bill).

By the end of Friday I will either be up and running with my old number on my new phone or I will be cancelling. I am also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and FCC. PLEASE MAKE IT END!!