Number Porting Is Not Being Finalized
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I've been trying to port my wireless number from AT&T to Verizon for over a month. I requested a transfer PIN from AT&T and provided it to Verizon within the 4-day window, received a SIM card from Verizon, and put in a phone (a different phone than the one I used with AT&T) to finalize the transfer. However, my old (AT&T) phone is still receiving texts and calls and AT&T is still billing. They are telling me the number was not ported out. However, Verizon confirmed with me that the porting has been successfully finalized on their end and they are billing me too! Neither company is budging on this, they are both pointing fingers and bouncing me back and forth between them. Who is the problem here, and what do I do to resolve this?

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