Poor coverage in Farmington NM

Our business switched from AT&T last year to Verizon.  Since the switch we have had very poor coverage issues.  Our calls are dropped in and outside of our office, very poor speed when loading apps or downloading apps.  Not only did we switch from AT&T we also bought all new phones and purchased ELD units for our company vehicles.  We have approximately 35-40 ELD units and 23 lines and new phones.  Our local office that we purchased the phones through have been helpful however they can't help with the poor coverage.  We have a variety of phones from, Google, Samsungs and Iphones, they are all new phones and up to date on their software.  We also had a company come in and install new antennas on our building however this still did not help with the coverage.  Can someone please contact us to discuss the coverage issue and if Verizon can check to see if there are any outages or things that they can fix on their end to improve our coverage.  Thank you. 

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