Poor network service
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I have been a Verizon customer since Dec 2019, and had poor network service from the start. MANY troubleshooting calls later I was finally given engineering ticket NRB000010112855 about 3 months ago for admitted poor network service in 65714 (“less than optimal” they call it). I get missed calls, drop calls, loss of data service, poor data service. I have one business and two pre-paid lines, all experience the same issues at the same time. I switched from Metro to Verizon SOLELY to get service in a remote area 04624, where Verizon claims to have good coverage. I haven’t traveled there yet. it’s coming though. Now I regret the switch to Verizon because they can’t even provide quality dependable service to the 1st zip code, part of a major metro area. How will I count on quality service in a more remote area they also claim has good coverage? And the solution? They closed the engineering ticket. Told me to buy a WiFi network extender. That. Solves. Nothing. I cannot carry an extender around in my car, in my client meetings, into a store - it doesn’t work like that! Oh and I am supposed to buy it as a solution to their problem they don’t want to fix. Insult to injury. I am hoping Verizon sees this post and fixes the problem, stop falsely claiming “most reliable network” or step up and fulfill that promise - metro/t-mobile has Verizon beat by miles. But NOBODY else “claims” to service 04624. Only reason I switched. Fix 65714, guarantee 04624, or lose a potential life time loyal customer. A customer who has no qualms about making repeated social posts about this, hopefully stopping at least some people from switching over.

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