Return defective device...!


I had recently upgraded my device and dropped it  in water, with no insurance I decided to go to back to my previous device. However, Verizon had a note in their system about my device being on a "delinquent list” (if you could explain how I was granted the upgrade that would be great).

It took several calls and a request to remove my device from that list and no answer. Finally they send me a replacement phone, but didn’t explain I had to call to inform about switching devices, so got disconnected again, and more calls had to be made because they didn’t offer to call back on another number if disconnected plus time waiting was more than 45 minutes. 

I am still waiting on an explanation on why my old device is in that list. I would like an apology for all the trouble I had to go through and I will return my old device this week. I am taking my time; you still haven’t answered my questions and took Verizon 3 weeks to give me an alternative solution (no phone and still paying the plan). So wait as I had to and do not dare to charge me the replacement 


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