Unable to log into Verizon account due to incorrect Secret Question
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Hey folks,

So I just got a brand new iPhone but am unable to send or receive texts or calls. I am told I need to "verify" it, I guess with my carrier. So I have been trying to log into my Verizon account and while my email and password are fine, I am asked this "Secret Question", which I never even set up in the first place. So I just went ahead with "Forgot Answer" and set up a new Secret Question.

Well now every time I've tried to log into my account, the website keeps asking me the wrong Secret Question. They keep asking me about a favorite restaurant, while my real question is different.

Thinking this was an error with my browser (Firefox), I switched over to Safari and when I tried logging in each time it gave me a different Secret Question. So I of course I kept re-logging in until I came across the question I have registered to my account. However, when I put in my correct answer, I am told that "The information you entered does not match the information we have on file." Are you kidding me?

This seems like a major bug with the site. Has anyone else had this problem?  What do I do?

Thanks in advance!