Unable to verify my identity after soft credit, putting order and after porting number
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Verizon can't verify my identity when I tried to switch from T-Mobile about a week ago 04/28/2024. My credit application  was approved with Verizon and once we processed the order and STARTED porting the number, I provided my TMobile account number and transfer pin then was told my identity could not be validated. Insane that we got this far and now you cant validate who I am after running a credit check ? Got stuck with no answer on why and  with a non working phone since the porting process had already started.  I had to call TMobile,  pay $10 for processing and getting billed $30 for activation to get the number back. Worst experience ever with Verizon. Called two times and both cases they reps assured me it will get it fixed and call me back. Never called me back even though on their notes they said they did.  Second time was assured it was going to work and glad I pushed back on porting actual number and instead try activating a temporary number and same thing happened.  They could not validate my identity otherwise it would have been another $40. Have been told there is no number or way to file a claim for the horrible process or to get my $40 back for their mistake. Was told a case was filled to follow up with Fraud but no one has called me back nor there is a way to get an update.

So at the end Verizon cost me $40 for a terrible experience and hours on the phone ,feeling lied to around escalations or resolutions.  At this point I want my $40 back because if this is the kind of support across the board, no thank you  and clearly they dont want my business.

NOTE: Had to repost this since it may have gotten lost in the community forums by posting to a reply but not getting any reponse. 

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