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I'm not sure if this is the place to post, but Ive given up on everything else. My account is a legacy "new" unlimited service. I have 10 lines on the account. I inquired to Verizon about the business accounts given thats the primary reason I have this account with Verizon. I asked that they review my account and find a comparable business account that made sense based on my usage, services and current cost. What I got was someone less then interested in doing any comparison and more concerned about just signing me up for their business service without any explanation on how it would benefit me. Im sure thats perfectly okay for some small businesses who dont want to be bothered with the details, but ive had cell service for more then 20 years and know the second you change something, you better know the fine print or you may just *bleep** yourself out of a good plan and into a very expensive bad plan. WHO do I call to get an evaluation that really does the work?

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Re: Verizon Business Accounts
Customer Service Rep

I hope you do join our business team, mltechz. Our business support reps can be reached at 800-922-0204. For a comparison and to speak to a Sales representative for business accounts please call 800-899-4249. -Joe