Verizon Credit Charge

Just a few days ago, I was notified by Experian that Verizon had filed a "Collections" report against me for $362 from Jan. 2020. This hostile action by Verizon has reduced my credit score by 50+ points!

To make matters perfectly clear: I am a current Verizon customer. I have paid every bill that Verizon has ever sent me. I have paid every such bill on time. This "Collections" report was apparently regarding a missing router that Verizon had wanted me to return, but I was never in possession of this router or a "FIOS" account from 2014.

Before filing this Collections report against me, Verizon did NOT contact me in any way about me owing Verizon any money. They did not send me an email or physical mail. They did not call me or text me. They just ruined my credit without warning. I only find out about the outstanding bill because Experian notified me of the huge decrease in my FICO score.

A few days ago, I was told by Verizon that a supervisor would call me back within 24 hours. I received no such call.

I have since contacted Verizon's billing department and their "Credit Reporting Removal" department. They say that they will tell Experian and the other credit reporting agencies that I have paid my outstanding bill, but they say that Verizon's policy is not to have this "Collections" record "deleted". What this means is that this "Collections" record will, according to Experian, damage my credit score for the next seven years!

The representative told me she would just transfer me to customer service to go to the "fraud" department to go back to her. 

Today again...

I called customer service, they transfer me to the cell phone service, then transfer me to the Financial department, than to "the wrong department," than to another debt department that told me that Verizon and Fios are NOT EVEN Related. 

I called FIOS 6x times, every time they dropped the call. Finally got a rep that told me, The Internet service was  never installed and the account is "fully written off balance." No errors. What the heck is going on?

I gave my social 6x, one rep tells me it is a residential account, another rep tells me it is a business account. Another rep tell me that the charge was from a FIOS account that I never used "but is fully closed in 2014." Then a FIOS sales rep, named Mitchell, tells me it is a business account and the charge is fully closed. 

I walked over to Verizon - everything on the account is golden. Paid unpaid balances check, autopay check, upgraded two new devices check, and even added another person to the account. Btw this is the STORE Manager saying this. 

Why can no on tell me why just now have a ding on my account? Due to the conversation I had last today's  representative who was very rude to me, I have filed complaints with the BBB, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Or Verizon could just do the right thing and remove their "Collections" report with the credit agencies and have my FICO credit score returned back to the "Excellent" score that it's been at for many years until now. Please help. 


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Re: Verizon Credit Charge
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You posted your complaint/question in the Verizon Wireless Community forum. Your issue is with the Verizon Fios landline business. Their forum is and is where you can users much more familiar with the workings of the Fios internet side of things. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.