Websites not loading thru Verizon

I dont know if this has be a problem before but we just recently switched to Verizon DSL from time Warner.  After doing so we can not load our website.  I reconnected to the Time Warner system and the websites load.  I have cleared the catch and the dncatch.  I have tried this on different systems, and all of the ones connected to the DSL service the sites wont load.  I have also checked with a friend who is also on Verizon DSL and he too can not load the sites.


Any help on this would be very greatfull.

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Re: Websites not loading thru Verizon
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Community Leader

#1 Please trace route to this website that you can connect to when on TW but you can not connect to on Verizon.


For example if on Windows XP:


a) Go to Start -> Run.


b) Type in cmd and press enter.


c) In the new window, called the command prompt, type in tracert and press enter.


#2 When on Verizon, go to and just press go.


a) What NetRange/CIDR are you on?


For example, I am in:


NetRange: -