What in the DENIALS is going on?!!

I spent the better part of two hours on the phone setting up new services including 3 lines & different devices. I was approved for significant financing.  Once all was said and done my card was denied. Rep stated there were sometimes glitches and to resubmit. Denied again. Turned VPN off, changed browsers, used different card companies, and email addresses. All denied without explanation. I was told to go to the store because they use a different system and sometimes the call center system is too sensitive or overreactive. I was given my application number and went to the store. Once in the store, I was told that the card denials are not uncommon. Hour plus later, I was required to upload my Drivers License and send it through an emailed link just for it to be denied! The lady said she could not confirm my ID and to "try again" in 30 days! WHAT! I was sitting in the store and the rep already scanned my ID when I first arrived. I have increased limits on the cards I attempted to use for a measly 160$. None of my credit card companies reported denying charges for Verizon. I will NOT be trying again in 30 days! 

Re: What in the DENIALS is going on?!!
Customer Service Rep

Hi, JZ81! Thanks for reaching out with your recent experience. We know being able to submit your payment for new device should be a smooth process. Feel free to send us a Private Note, so we can take a closer look into this.