Worst Customer Service

Previous POC retired. Called yesterday, had conference call with previous owner together with Verizon "specialist". Form Emailed to move POC and add as administrator. Completed form in Morning. Was advised 24 hour wait time. 54 min call.

Afternoon received call from Verizon, just for them to put down phone in my ear.

Called back as though was pertinent - 45 min call - no resolve

Call in morning, just voicemail: "your acct has been suspended"

Call back again later in morning - Called dropped....again.

Another call 48 min. Re-explain everything - twice, and with a supervisor finally: "problem is on back-end" will call back in 24 hours.

Ridiculous! I usually have issues resolved like this on first call or online in 5 mins. 3 hours of call time and still no resolve or expedited service. Just " I understand, thanks for patience", Don't care for that, care for pro active action of getting it done! I handle client issues meticulously, when client irate, it gets prioritized and finalized immediately - especially if I promised it would be done. Vent over - lesson learned - move corporate account and provide my employees with a cell provider that makes a client feel important. ps. tried this repeatedly over last 6 months, but gave up as after 3 days it get old. Disappointing Verizon! 

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