Worst company ever don’t go to Verizon
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I just poured five lines from T-Mobile started a new business plan I spoke with the sales person his name is Christopher long and a supervisor is joe

ordered didn’t came in time

one of the phone was wrong which I suppose paid for it
when I called to the supervisor joe to help he referred me to the store

called the store someone from Philippine answers me placed a new order saying that I will receive next day of course that never happened till now I didn’t get my phone

When I called again they been transfer me from department to department when I went to the store store told me they can’t  do it here because the ordered been placed already 

After 5 days got an email saying that my order been canceled 

what kind of customer service and sales department you all have

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Re: Worst company ever don’t go to Verizon
Customer Service Rep

This is certainly not the experience we want you to have when you port your wireless service to Verizon, Menagrass7. As a consumer, I sincerely understand your discontent with the experience outlined in your post, and we want to explore the best option to resolve this issue. You indicate that you were informed by email that your order has been canceled, and this means that a new order must be placed as it is systematically impossible to activate an order that has been canceled.


You also mentioned that you ported 5 lines to start a new business plan. While we would love to help you via this channel, we only have access to regular consumer accounts and we cannot access business accounts to help you via Social Media. Please call our Verizon Business Accounts team (https://www.verizon.com/business/) at (844) 652-9303 for assistance with your business account.