iPhone 15 Nightmare
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Got the iphone 15 yesterday and was able to activate one of my 2 lines. My iphone 14 has eSim and physical sim to make both lines work. The 15 only has eSim cards now. I tried doing this online at Verizon and even though they say you can, it never seems to work. Call Verizon,  wait to speak to someone, which is always a chore. The tech did not know that the iPhone 15 only had eSim cards and he didn't take my word for it, he had to Google it. Spent 45 minutes with him not being able to connect both lines and finally asked him to transfer me to a supervisor, she did not know anything more than the first guy. She was able to disable both my primary and secondary lines, so that neither phone number worked. She was going to transfer me to Tier 2, the people that are suppose to really know how things work. But alas, she hung up on me. I call back only to find out there will be a 4 hours wait before someone can call me back. I get the call back and ask if this is tier 2, of course it isn't. Now I am on the phone with another guy who doesn't know anything, wasting my time, doing the same steps over and over again. I hope to have at least one line working when finished, after spending most of my day on the phone.

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Re: iPhone 15 Nightmare
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Did you happen to get this resolved? I am currently awaiting a response from level 2 support for this same issue they said could be 3-4 days before we hear back.