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4G LTE Network Extender

What is up with this product? Seriously? I'm really surprised a lawyer hasn't started a class action lawsuit. If one does, I'll be the first to join that class.

I'm in the middle of an urban area, but I get zero Verizon coverage (another topic, but I'll avoid it here). At the Verizon store the sales person says I should get a 4G LTE Network Extender if I have Internet access.  I do, so I buy this device. I ask how I activate it once I get it home as nothing you buy at Verizon is activation-free right?  I also ask how I hook my phones to it.  Is there some special configuration needed on the phone?  Do I need to enter my phones unique ID into the device to restrict it to just my phones?  He says there is no activation and all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on and it does the rest. He also claims that if I'm close to the extender my phone will automatically switch to use the network extender.  Ok this sounds pretty easy and straight forward what could go wrong?

Apparently everything because there is ZERO connection between the sales people at the Verizon store and reality. Don't get me wrong, the sales guy was nice and friendly and knew a lot about "phones", but apparently the education around this device is extremely lacking.

I do everything exactly as instructed with the simply easy setup instructions that come with the device (there is literally only 3 steps). The guy at the store was right as it is as easy as 1-2-3. Hook to Internet, set it near a window and turn it on.

I kick up the device and it starts going through a long set of activation steps (apparently 14 of them) and it is counting through them until it gets to step 9 (if you've ever purchased this product you probably know what step 9 is).  At this step it just starts to flash "Device Not Activated Call Verizon Support".  Wait, what?  I thought there was NO activation needed.

Ok if this isn't bad enough you go online to get support.  The online support is actually worse than the sales person who tells you there is nothing you need to do, just plug it in and it does the rest.  The support "wizard" (for the lack of a better name) takes you through steps on how to solve issues with the initial activation process of the device (key word is "initial).  One of the first steps it asks you is if you are able to make a call from your phone or if your phone is able to connect to the extender. Wait, what?  If I was able to make a phone call wouldn't that mean the device is activated?

I'll skip over the hour or so spent poking around the Internet reading everyone else's complaint about this device and how utterly useless the installation instructions are and how completely useless the online help is for this device. When you have to go to a Community Forum to ask about a device the company providing you the device has failed you in so many ways.

Long story short in the end you find out you DO need to activate the device in order for it to work. You have to call support and wait on hold to activate your device with the Verizon network. Huh? Why in the world is this STEP not done in the store at the point of sale?  You can activate your phone in the store. You can do just about every else under the sun, but apparently copying down a MAC address on the extender and plugging it into their system is just too challenging to be done in the store. Seriously?

The entire experience with this product is an epic fail!  Verizon please correct this before the class action lawsuit.  It just goes over better with a jury that you at least tried.

I look forward to calling tech support during business hours and wait on hold for something that clearly could have and should have been done in the store.

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