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5G Internet Gateway not connecting to Google Home Mini.

I recently acquired a 5g Home Internet Gateway and it's running really well. I successfully connected all 3 phones in my house, my PS4, my work laptop, my daughter's laptop, and our Ring doorbell. 

I have 3 Google Home Mini speakers(1st gen) that were connected via WiFi when I had Cox Internet. I'm getting an error message about it not being able to communicate with my WiFi. I can get as far as locating the device, hearing the confirmation sound on the speaker, and being prompted to connect to my VZW Wifi. That's where it gets stuck. When logging in as admin to view the settings, I made no changes. The band steering is on, and my list of connected devices show some are 2.4ghz and others are 5ghz. 

Is this product compatible with my VZW gateway? 

I've already checked for an app update, I factory reset the speakers, left all but one plugged in to prevent interference, force closed Google home app and cleared the cache. I also reinstalled the app just for good measure. Kinda stuck right now.

Re: 5G Internet Gateway not connecting to Google Home Mini.
Customer Support

Hello, EppsCJ and thanks for all the steps you've taken to try and connect your Google Home Mini. Just to make sure does the Home Mini connect to any other Wi-Fi source?


- Alan

Re: 5G Internet Gateway not connecting to Google Home Mini.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for responding. My Google Home Mini did connect to my Cox Internet just fine, even after reconnecting to it when I replaced my router and modem setup. 

After connecting the Verizon Internet Gateway, it didn't want to setup through my Samsung Galaxy Flip phone. 

Here's an update that allowed it to work: I have my fiancée and daughter connected to Google Home app too. So I used both of their iPhones and it allowed connecting the 3 Google Home devices. They're working now, but I just had to use a different mobile phone as a workaround this time.