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Can metal in the body affect cell phones?

Hello, I have always had issues with any cell phone regardless of brand or type within 6 months of purchase.  My husband & I usually each get one at the same time and he never has problems even if he has more apps or content than mine.  A friend and I were talking the other day and she mentioned the metal in my body as a possible culprit.  I have 2 full-length stainless steel rods with several brackets and screws in my spine.  Just wondering if anyone else who has metal in their body had the same experience or if there is any data to support or refute this??? Thanks!

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Re: Can metal in the body affect cell phones?

Should be easy to test something like this.

Hand your phone to your husband when it is not working correctly.  If it starts working within a few moments of the hand off then it is possible the metal in your body is having an influence on the problem.  If not then something else is likely going on.

This is making an assumption that whatever problem you are observing is reception related.  If your phone is physically damaged in some way then you would need to expand your search.

Testing reception should be simple and easy.  Every phone has some kind of metric that can display signal strength as a number instead of bars.  You would have to expose the diagnostic area of your phone to find this information.  There are also apps like LTE Discovery for Android that can expose this information in real time too.  Moving the phone closer and farther from your body should produce a noticeable impact on its reception.