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Cordless phones won't work with Verizon Home Phone

I got the Verizon Wireless Home Phone after I was told "any cordless phone" will work with it. I plugged in my 10-15 year old cordless phone. I had bad static and couldn't be heard. I called Verizon 2 or 3 times about the static and last spoke with Eric in Tech Support. I tried 4 or 5 different phone cords and the static was quiter but not gone. Eric thought I just needed a new phone (he promised to call me back at a set date and time after I bought one but he didn't bother keeping his promise!). Relying on Eric, I bought a brand new cordless phone system but, even though there was no static, people I called said they couldn't hear me. I wondered if it was the phone but I returned that one and got another brand new cordless phone system (different brand) and it is doing the same thing. I've tried 3 cordless phones and none work. Who else has had these problems? Did they get fixed? How?

Re: Cordless phones won't work with Verizon Home Phone
Customer Support

Hello, TexGal999. It is concerning to learn that you are experiencing issues with your Verizon Wireless Home phone service call quality. Being able to have a reliable connection with on your home connection is vital, and we can certainly assist you with your concern. We apologize on the delay of the callback, however, we are committed to making sure your connection gets corrected. Seeing as you have already tested with 3 different cordless phones, we do need to concentrate on your connection itself. To start, if you can please provide us with a few more details of your experience. Was the static being heard on all the phone calls or just specific numbers? Was the static being heard by both parties? What is the make and model of your Verizon Wireless home phone? VianeyP_VZW