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No one charges $500 for a static IP address.  A monthly fee, sure that's the norm.  Verizon thinks they own their customers.  Can't own ex-customers.

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The $500 price tag is Verizon's way of saying they don't care to offer that service to everyone.

Its not a right to have a static IP address, its a privilege and one that many are still willing to pay for.  While IPv6 is openly available for the forseeable future, very few systems and users have converted over to use them.  IPv4 on the otherhand is a rare and precious commodity, there aren't enough to go around anymore. VZW doesn't hand them out for free to anyone with a mobile broadband device.  It is a well known and documented limitation of the LTE deployment since LTE went live.  The only exception I am aware of are the LTE Internet Installed devices (previously HomeFusion) and some smartphones.  Everything else sits behind the VZW NAT and has a NAT firewall IP Address.

Most of us will choose to work around the NAT by setting up a VPN connection.  When personal devices cannot directly VPN connect (such as a webcam or home thermostat) then you can setup VPN routers to automatically VPN connect you to the VPN server instead.  Some home routers can do this while others may find that loading custom firmware will do the trick.

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The Carrier Grade NAT Verizon has deployed stops a user from running a web server when they’re paying for standard internet access and not paying to run a web server. The only way to go around the CGN is to buy a static IP address. You might see it as a rip-off, but why should Verizon Wireless open hailing frequencies for you to do anything you want without a nominal fee to do it? This is not part of the standard wireless internet service that Verizon Wireless offers and if you want to make it part of your service then it’s going to cost you $500 per static IP address.

Frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is. A business account is going to cost at least $150 a month. If you use a static IP address for 2 years it will cost less than $21 a month.