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Galaxy Book S (ARM) Cannot Update to Windows 10 2004 20H2 Bluescreen Stop Code Paneldriver.sys

I have a brand new Galaxy Book S (ARM/Verizon) which, out of the box, cannot update beyond Windows 10 release 1909.

Following a factory reset, the device is at Windows 10 version 1903.  The first run of Windows Update takes the unit (smoothly) to 1909.  Then, on a subsequent check for updates, I'm offered 20H2.  The initial stages complete correctly, all of the "Getting Things Ready" and (online) "Installing" sections run, and then the computer asks to be restarted.   The unit restarts, and I get the blue fullscreen "Working on Updates / Don't turn off your PC, This will take a while / Your PC will restart several times." screen.

The screen proceeds to about 24%, and then does a reboot.  The screen re-appears after that first reboot at about 30%, and, within just a minute, gives me the blue sadface "Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart" screen.   It says:


What failed: PanelDriver.sys

After that, I am rolled back to Windows 1909.

This is fully reproducible on this unit.  Any attempt to move to 20H2 fails with the above code.




Looking around the internet, here are the things I've tried:

1. Factory reset, and repeat, this happens every time.

2. Ensured all devices (USB mouse) are unplugged during the upgrade, didn't help.

3. Tried DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth, it reports no issues.

4. Tried SFC /scannow, it reports no issues.

5. I've tried ensuring that drivers are updated; however, there is no "Samsung Update" for Windows on ARM - the version in the Microsoft Store only runs on x86 platforms, it will not install on ARM.

6. I've tried using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant; however, it refuses to run on ARM, with a message that it is only supported on Intel.

7. I've tried the Media Creation tool, but it also will not run on ARM.

8. I've looked for bootable ARM Windows 10 20H2 ISO images, but they do not exist (except, apparently, for Raspberry Pi, which seems off point for this.  Microsoft offers recovery images for the ARM-based Surface Pro X, but I cannot locate any recovery images or other options for the Galaxy Book S).

Online, I've observed that other people have reported this problem, but I can't view the threads, they just show up in the Google cache in partial form, without a solution.

I tried to locate this "PanelDriver.sys" driver file in the Device manager. It shows up under "System Devices" as "Samsung PanelDriver Device". It says Driver Date: 8/7/2019, Driver Version, and the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\PanelDriver.sys file shows a version of Alongside the first update to 1909, there is a "Samsung System Hardware Update - 2/13/2020", and after that update, the Driver Date is listed as 1/2/2020, Driver Version, but the PanelDriver.sys file is still listed as version

So, rather than trying a rollback (which would have left me with the same PanelDriver.sys version) or an uninstall (which would have reinstalled the driver on the next boot), I moved the PanelDriver.sys file from the drivers folder to my Desktop, and rebooted. I then confirmed in Device Manager that the driver did not load and was missing. Without that driver all the hardware still seems to work fine, nothing was missing.

However, after moving the driver away, Windows offered me the 2020-12 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909... and while that installed successfully, Windows Update is no longer offering me 2004 or 20H2.

So it seems no matter what I try I cannot get onto the latest version of Windows, and although 1909 is still current until May 2021, it seems to me like this driver is somehow problematic and preventing updates beyond that point.

I would appreciate any guidance and/or information on how to solve this problem, and/or how to get my Galaxy Book S up to the latest version of Windows please!




Re: Galaxy Book S (ARM) Cannot Update to Windows 10 2004 20H2 Bluescreen Stop Code Paneldriver.sys
Customer Support



We certainly want you to use the device with ease. I am sorry to learn that you are having trouble. Are you able to use the device at all without the update? Are you able to access the troubleshooter?

Re: Galaxy Book S (ARM) Cannot Update to Windows 10 2004 20H2 Bluescreen Stop Code Paneldriver.sys

Hello, thanks for the reply.  Yes, I should have made clear:  The device is working just fine, this is not a fire by any means. 

But it is a reproducible bug, in that you can only get to Windows 1909, not 20H2, so, eventually, when Windows 1909 reaches end of life, this will become a problem.

I suspect that this is something that Samsung needs to address - fixing the driver so that it doesn't crash the upgrade process.   I had thought that by moving the driver out of the way I'd be able to update to 20H2 but now the update just "isn't there."

Anyway, point is:  Device is working fine, I'm happy, but heads up that there's a problem that will probably get more critical as 1909 end of life approaches.

Happy to do additional testing if anyone has ideas!