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Getting a good deal on a phone is a joke

I have to say I have been with Verizon wireless from way before they were called Verizon wireless probably well over 20 years. At this point there’s no reason to be loyal to them as I don’t feel very loyal to existing customers. I have three lines and an iPad. All three phones and the iPad are eligible for upgrade. Verizon only good deals if you even go on limited or add A new line.I have no need for A new line for For an extra $55 a month which is 600 a year. How many line could a person possibly need. Also my data plan is fine For me to go Unlimited would be an extra 15 a month which is 180 a year. So basically unless you were willing to switch to Verizon from another carrier or add a new line They basically give you nothing. Going on limited will cost you 300 over two years to possibly saving 150 on the phone on an upgrade.So for me to get a good deal on the phone I have to switch to another carrier and play that game every two years going back-and-forth between carriers. What a poor way to keep customers loyal if you only offer any sort of savings if you switch to them we are add another number on unlimited for 55 a month which is 660 a year more for something you may not need. I think you left over 20 years it’s time for me to look elsewhere





Re: Getting a good deal on a phone is a joke
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If you want poor coverage, go for it. Lot good a free $700 phone does someone when it can't dial out.


Re: Getting a good deal on a phone is a joke
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KerryC_VZW We do not want to see you go. We can go over your current options with you. Please send us a Private Note.