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Gizmowatch 2 Audio Problem

My daughter's GizmoWatch 2 started to malfunction.  The audio is scratchy and weak.  I can hear her fine but she can barely hear me on his watch.  The watch has not been damaged and software is up to date.  We tried resisting the gizmo, I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it back to my phone.  Nothing is working.  Quiet mode is off.  What can we do to fix this problem, the watch was purchased a couple of months ago.  It used to work fine.

Re: Gizmowatch 2 Audio Problem

Since Verizon wants to take all these discussions to private message which kinda defeats the purpose of a community forum in my opinion, I will share the solution I was offered.  I think probably Verizon just doesn't want anyone to know how poor their customer service is.  So our new Gizmowatch 2 started having this problem within a month of using it.  After being informed on the very poorly designed support site that the device was not under warranty, I ordered another Gizmowatch through the "upgrade" feature on the device page.  Verizon then responded to this post on the forum and instead of just crediting my account for the cost of the new device that was already on the way, they offered this solution: 


Subject: Re: Gizmowatch 2 Audio Problem
From: vzw_customer_support
Date: 06-09-2020 09:28 AM

Lets get this issue resolved so that you have a working device bradjerome. Is there any liquid or physical damage to the current device that's having issues? We can not credit you for the replacement device, you will need to send it back to get a full refund. We would need to order a certified like new replacement device of the same model and have you send the current defective device back. Once we receive the defective device, we will evaluate the device for damage. If any physical or liquid damage is found we would charge for the device we shipped you. 


How would you like to proceed? 


So in order for them to help me, I will need to send back the new one, so that they can replace my defective device with someone else's cleaned up defective device.  Furthermore, if my old device is water damaged, they will charge me for the replacement even though this watch says it is waterproof in the description, in the advertising and on the packaging.  My old one was not water damaged but I found this odd.

No thanks.  I will use the new one until my daughter outgrows it or the watch dies. I will then purchase her a phone but I can assure you, it won't be from Verizon.

Re: Gizmowatch 2 Audio Problem

I am appalled at the quality or I should say lack of for the Gizmowatch 2! The functionality it offers is well overpriced!!

I purchased this device for my grandaughter three weeks ago and she cannot hear it! Something has happened to the volume and after reading the email chain, it appears this is NOT an isolated incident. Nevertheless, Verizon will sucker customers into purchasing one knowing there are issues with it. How pathetic of a company to sell something they know will be problematic!

Re: Gizmowatch 2 Audio Problem
Customer Support

Definitely not the case with the GizmoWatch 2. We are truly sorry for any issues that you experienced. Let's get the device working as expected. Did you ensure that the volume is up on the device? Instructions can be found here Is the device damaged (physical or liquid)? - AlbertoR_VZW

Re: Gizmowatch 2 Audio Problem

My daughter is on her second and the same audio issue is happening. First time it happened within the 30 I am not sure what I need to do...very disappointed with this watch

Re: Gizmowatch 2 Audio Problem

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