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How to lock the screen access Netgear Jetpack mifi ?

Netgear Jetpack. How can I lock the screen access on the device ? I want to unlock it with my admin password only. So user will only be able to turn it on/off

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Re: How to lock the screen access Netgear Jetpack mifi ?
Customer Support

That is a good question, CarlosIT. It is important to us that you are able to secure your jet pack with a locked screen and I am happy to help.

What is the specific make/model of the jet pack? I want to be sure we gather the correct details for you. Please provide additional information for us and we will be ready to continue assisting.
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Re: How to lock the screen access Netgear Jetpack mifi ?

>How can I lock the screen access on the device ?

I do not believe you can lock the screen of your device with this or any other Jetpack model.  Locking the screen is a physical security issue.  If a malicious user has physical access to your Jetpack then there is no need for them to bother with any kinds of screen locks that you may have put in place.  They can simply reset the device back to the defaults and reconfigure it however they want, locking out the admin in the process.  In a nutshell you don't solve physical security problems with software solutions.  If the hacker is already in the data center then its too late. 

The best way to physically secure your Jetpack is to not let it leave your sight and do not share it with anyone.  Guests have no need for physical access to your Jetpack anyways.  They only need the WiFi password that you can provide them.  Keep it in your pocket or your work back and carry it around with you.  Secure your pockets or work bags with locks if you are concerned about malicious users.  Keep in mind that Jetpacks can get very hot when left powered on for a while, any kind of containment device or area needs to have proper ventilation to avoid damaging the device. 

Besides, there are currently not many ways to input passwords or PINs on a Jetpack, only two navigation buttons and a OK button.  There would need to be a keyboard or touch screen mounted to the control panel for users to enter a PIN or another ID and make the security worth anyone's time.  You would find this feature more of an inconvenience than a security benefit.