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Huge increase over past few months on data usage.

Huge increase in data traffic, even at times when systems are in sleep mode - like at 6am in the morning.  For months by usage levels varied between 10Gig and 12 Gig and I would adjust my plan as needed to prevent single Gigabyte overcharges.  However, in the past 4-6 months I have had to go to 15GB then 20GB, and what we actually do internet wise has not changed any where near that much.  Yesterday I had 600 meg of data transferred at about 6am when all systems were either off or in sleep mode.  The usage tool on verizon is no help in identifying what is driving this other than broad categories.

Last night I turned off the MiFi device and there was no data recorded until I turned on at 8:30am then it recorded 800 megabytes only based on turning on the PC and not even using it.  And the hard file light was on solid for a long long time.

I really need a tool that runs on the PC that shows what program or service is doing this much internet traffic.  I have seen disk I/O using Windows Task Manager that shows a number of Chrome services actively working I/O, as well as Google sync, but there is nothing new here that I have done over the past 6 months - my usage is very consistent. And that tool does not show who is driving the MiFi load.

How can I get a handle on this?  This is getting very expensive and there is no obvious answer why.

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Re: Huge increase over past few months on data usage.

This is exactly what I am experiencing

I can't wait for your response from Verizon

Re: Huge increase over past few months on data usage.

Personally, I use BitMeter OS for my PC. Any bandwidth from your computer (down/up) is logged & you can view certain days to see when it was used.

Also, you may be able to view Mobile AND WiFi data usage (separate tabs) on your mobile devices, under Settings > Data Usage. Click the 3 dots for options.

I had the same issue, but it was due to Verizon Cloud backing up... all 12gb (mostly pictures I don't even care about!).

You may have that or another app that syncs data. It should tell you under Data Usage, though.

I disabled Verizon Cloud through the App Manager.

Hope that helps!