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Is anyone still trying to get a USB 551L to connect?

I have had this device for a year and it disconnects constantly for me and my coworker (who has same device). I have tried everything mentioned on the website- power changes, updates, checking for driver conflicts, LAN settings. Still doesn't work. Contant dropping. I have errors in my Windows Event Log so it seems that the device is not compatible with Windows - (Windows 8, coworker is running 7). This is maddening and I can't believe Verizon still sells this product.

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Re: Is anyone still trying to get a USB 551L to connect?

When working with USB modems its important to check (as-ses is an illegal word apparently?) the USB connector to see if it is somehow defective.  Open up your device manager and keep an eye on the Network Adapters area.  If you suffer from another disconnection that is related to the USB connector your USB modem will drop from the list and the device manager will refresh.  That means that either the USB port on your laptop is bad or more likely the USB on the modem itself is bad and needs replacement.

This is a common issue with USB modems and a big reason why we migrated over to Jetpacks.  Now we only have to replace Jetpacks whenever someone gets overzealous with the charging cable which is much less of a concern.

If the USB connector appears to be fine and its connection to the PC remains solid then that would mean that there is either a service problem in your area or the USB modem has some other kind of defect that causes it to drop its connection to the local towers.  In that case you would still have to contact VZW and have them explain your options.  You cant do much about a service problem without investing in boosters and antenna kits.  Issues with bad USB modems need to be coordinated with VZW support for replacement or repair work.