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Jetpack On/Off Schedule

If any product managers are reading this:

It would be nice if the Jetpack had an "auto on/off" feature (in addition to the auto shutdown one). I want to use it for a vacation home to remotely check/adjust the thermostat. This is something I only need connected a few minutes a day for it to report and get new settings.  I don't need to have a live hotspot 24/7, a waste of electricity and usage.  If I could have it automatically turn on once a day for 10 minutes and then off again, I'd buy one.

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Re: Jetpack On/Off Schedule
Sr. Leader

Nice idea, however, with an on/off feature or auto timer, there isn't as much a chance of overages.

Re: Jetpack On/Off Schedule

A Jetpack may not be the best device for you if you only intend to use it like this. 

What may be a better fit would be something like the 4G LTE router.  With the 4G LTE router you can connect it to a light timer (quick Google search will show many options for under $10) so it automatically powers on and off according to your schedule.  4G LTE routers do not have a battery and rely on a normal power supply.  The 4G LTE router would also provide you with better WiFi coverage for your vacation home than the Jetpack as well as more reliability as the hardware it comes with is better.

Jetpacks are a better fit for the traveler as a personal hotspot device where the user can manually power on and off at their convenience.