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L2TP VPN won't connect through Ellipsis Jetpack

I haven't been able to find anyone that can help with this issue when I have called into Verizon...hoping that someone here and provide some insight.

I am attempting to connect to an office VPN via L2TP through the Ellipsis Jetpack.

Things I have tried based on Verizon Tech Support suggestions and current settings:

1. Reset the device to factory defaults

2. Updated Firmware

3. Enabled VPN Passthrough

4. Disabled IPv6

5. Enabled Port Filtering (Matching settings on VPN)

  • L2TP 500 UDP
  • L2TP 1701 UDP
  • L2TP 4500 UDP

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am guessing that my settings aren't compatible with Verizon, but I can't get anyone from Verizon to tell me what I can change them to so that it would work.

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Re: L2TP VPN won't connect through Ellipsis Jetpack

This appears to be the limit on what VZW can offer you for support on this subject.  Its funny that VZW would suggest anything relating to ports since all the ports are locked down by the VZW NAT firewall policy anyways.  Local device ports are irrelevant without a public IP on the VZW 4G LTE network.  Besides, I cannot recall a case that was shared with the community where VZW was able to reveal the specifics on what is necessary to establish a L2TP or VPN client connection anyways. 

What I usually find more helpful is to work with the VPN administrator to see if they can provide you with alternative VPN connection techniques.  For example if they are requiring you to connect over IPsec then try an SSL VPN connection instead.  If a particular VPN client is incompatible then rig up a 2nd or backup VPN client that is.  There should be some options here but the VPN admin would know best.

The problem should be re-creatable for your VPN administrator if it is a simple configuration conflict.  Ask them to acquire a Verizon broadband device (or borrow them yours) and test the connection sequence for conflicts.  The VPN admin would have access to VPN server and knowledge of VPN client logs that should reveal where the traffic is getting blocked.  Once you have log info on what is broken you can then either configure an alternative connection or share that info with VZW to see if they can confirm anything else about the problem.

TL;DR - Get logs, review logs, test alternative configurations, profit.