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MiFi 5G M2100 mobile hotspot - seems to work only with 4G - different driver for 4G vs 5G?

I have a MiFi 5G M2100 (inseego) that has been generally working well but I've recently started having problem with.   From two different devices (Android Tablet and Dell laptop) I'm able to readily connect to the M2100 but frequently the connected device reports that there is no internet service.  On other occasions the device I'm using is readily able to connect and there is no problem with internet connectivity.

From observing the M2100 screen when encountering "no internet service" it seems to correlate with the indication of 5G service.  And when I have no problem with internet connectivity, the M2100 screen indicates 4G service.  And when I'm in a geographic area with only 4G service, I've not had any issues with connecting to internet service.

I also have a Pixel 4XL that I can also use for WiFi internet connectivity for the same two devices and I have no problem with, but it is obviously limited to 4G.

In searching for information on the message of "connected, no internet" I typically find the suggestion that problem may be due to an out of date driver on the device that is trying to connect to a WiFi source.  But I'm a little confused as to why the needed device driver would be impacted on whether the WiFi signal is arriving from 4G or 5G.  And when finding advice on "connected, no internet" problem, it seems like the device in question won't find internet service at all - not a situation such as mine where I have internet service sometimes, but other times not.

The M2100 indicates that is has the current software update.  For the Dell laptop, I don't have administrative access to be able to change the WiFi driver.  My Android tablet doesn't indicate that it needs to do any updates.



Re: MiFi 5G M2100 mobile hotspot - seems to work only with 4G - different driver for 4G vs 5G?
Customer Support

drporterfield I'm sorry to learn you are having issues with the MiFi. We can certainly look into this for you. We understand you depend on having a good connection. We have sent you a Private message here on this platform. -Dolores