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MiFi 6620 Power Question

I am using a MiFi 6620, and I have a power question.  I have checked all available documentation, and there is no mention of whether the unit can be left plugged into an AC outlet full time.  It would be extremely inconvenient to unplug it every time the unit is fully charged, but I don't want to damage the unit or battery.  It there any reason this unit can't be left plugged into an AC outlet all the time?

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Re: MiFi 6620 Power Question

> It there any reason this unit can't be left plugged into an AC outlet all the time?

Overheating.  As the Jetpack heats up your performance will break down.  Leaving the device powered on and charging 24x7 leaves you vulnerable to the simple hardware limitations of this and all similar jetpack models.  Jetpacks are simply not designed to be powered on all day long.  They will work and some people wont have problems but Jetpacks are mobile and temporary internet devices.  They are designed to run for a while then power down and rest as users move around the service area. 

If you want a device that is able to remain online 24x7 then consider many of the better alternatives:

1. USB Modem + Cradelpoint router

2. 4G LTE router

3. LTE Internet Installed

Re: MiFi 6620 Power Question
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As John said, it’s not designed as a permanent internet source and his referred items are better suited for the task.

My 5510L has been on 99% of the time since June 2013. Like mine, yours has a removable battery which complicates the matter of full time deployment. There are 6 or more electro-mechanical connection points that fail with near certain predictability. These can cause a multitude of unpredictable problems, anything from it cutting off for no reason to it dropping a cell connection to the Wi-Fi password not recognized to the LCD not coming on or going off. Everything a Jetpack does can be affected by a momentary lapse of electron movement through those connection points. On the other hand, as long as you know about it and recognize the weirdness that might happen to mean clean the connection points, you can make it work good enough to be acceptable. Mine last 6 to 12 weeks before something weird happens. I take it apart, R&R the Sim card, and clean all the battery and Jetpack contracts (lick finger, rub on contracts, polish with shirt tail).

As for the battery itself, once every two to four weeks, disconnect external power, and let the device run on the battery until it cuts off. Connect to external power and allow to fully charge (Yes, you can use it after connecting external power).

Your USB cable matters, they aren’t all the same. Some are better than others. Use the best one you can find and be aware the contacts in the cable connectors can and will fail. Disconnect and reconnect is usually enough to remedy.

Each time external power is applied the battery may begin to charge. This can lead to the premature failure of the battery due to overcharging, because it might take time for the charging circuit to determine the level of charge in the battery and disconnect the charger. When the battery is fully charged and you disconnect external power, do not reconnect external power for 15 minutes or so and you should be fine. 

Keep the device in a ventilated area, out of direct sunlight, preferably on a heat conductive surface so heat will flow away from it. As long as the room is below 85F 85RH and air can move around it then it shouldn’t be affected.