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Mifi Data when im not in the office and at 2 am

Work has given me a Manufacturer: Novatel Wireless, Inc.Model:T1114. I have had it for several months and lately i am getting overage notifications from my office. I am not in my office much during the day and def not at nite. I notice that at 3am when imnot even on site  i get extreme data usage almost at half a gig or more. I have went from the first month or two of having it using about 3 gigs a month to 12 and 13 gigs a month. with the same exact usage. This is very disturbing. No one is connected to my box as you can look in and see what devices are connected. There is a 16 digit password numerical as well as alphabetical. I notice that twice a day it transmits data. same times everyday. usually 821 am and again at 221 pm. Can anyone tell me why the data is being sucked away when my desktop is off and my lap top is generally in my work vehicle. Please help.

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Re: Mifi Data when im not in the office and at 2 am
Sr. Leader

That is probably when the tower is reporting cumulative use to the Verizon servers, which is done at 6 hour intervals if there wasn't a disconnect in-between. I believe the times are session start times and the use would be in the 6 hours following that time.  So the 8:21 time is all data between 8:21 A to 2:20 P.

Re: Mifi Data when im not in the office and at 2 am

Data session timestamps mark the end of a data session, not the beginning. VZW waits to report any new data usage until after that session is complete.

The fact that the timestamps in this scenario are so consistent suggest that the jetpack is left powered on all day long.  If the Jetpack is powered on then anything can connect to it and consume data with or without the users knowledge.  This behavior is most often traced back to bad automatic updates.  Users should build a habit of powering on/off the Jetpack when questioning their data usage.