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Purchasing a Smart Hub & Unlimited plan?

So upset.  I walked into my Verizon store to ask them if they had an option for unlimited internet for me, 4 yrs ago we moved to an area that is only served by satellite which had a limit of 18 GB that we were paying over $100 a month for. I explained that we wanted to stream movies etc., and wanted to get unlimited data.

She went to check with her manager and said that if our signal was strong enough then it should not be a problem.  As we have only ever received 4 g LTE service with a strong signal of at least 3 bars I said we do.

They introduced me to the smart Hub and said all I had to do was upgrade to the unlimited plan and add this as a device.  Did anyone mention the there was only 10 gb on the 4g LTE to me?  NO, all they did was talk about unlimited data.

We had 14 days to return the equipment (that I paid over $1,000 for due to charge fees, upgrades etc.) This was done on June 13, our plan restarted on June 21st so I had no inclination yet of the 10 gb 4g LTE  limit (no one at the store informed me of this even though they were aware of the reason we wanted it.)

Fast forward to June 28th and we are informed via email and message that a 10 g limit was reached and we would be on 3 gLTE now.  We did not know what this meant as we have not used 3 G LTE since we moved here 4 years age.  Now we cannot even get a signal most of the time, so the benefits of the $1,000 I SPENT ON EQUIPMENT LASTS ABOUT 1 WEEK OUT OF OUR MONTHLY CONTRACT, plus the more than $250 we spend on an monthly contract do us less good than the satellite service we so desperately wanted to find an alternative fore.  I find this somewhat exorbitant.

VERIZON I am very very disappointed in what your people did not tell me. I guess I am going to have to eat a very expensive service and look for some kind of alternative.

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Re: Purchasing a Smart Hub & Unlimited plan?

This. This is why you research before purchasing.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Purchasing a Smart Hub & Unlimited plan?

I did the same thing for the same reasons (rural area, no other Internet options).  And I did research ahead of time.  None of my research resulted in stating that there was a 10gb limit, nor did my research result in the absurd speed thereafter.  The three different sales reps in store didn't disclose this info, nor did the person I chatted with online when researching this product before my purchase.  Even worse yet, when I am still within my 10gb allowance at 4g, my speeds are about 1-1.5mb/s.  When I speed test my phone sitting right next to the smarthub my phone tests at 10-12mb/s.  My pc is plugged into the smarthub btw... And running with an 8-core cpu, 16gb ram, and a fresh install of win10.  I get similar results with other devices connected to the smarthub while on wifi.  So I am left with using my phone for Netflix period.  When the 10gb is used up I'm throttled to about 0.4-0.5 mbp/s.  Verizon claims this is 3g speeds.... Yet when I had a 3g only phone I used to test around 1.5-2mb/s.  Absolute garbage device, and even worse service and customer support.  Good luck getting anything resolved as the only answers I ever get is "we're sorry you're not satisfied, you can upgrade your plan to get unlimited that is not throttled".  I would bet my left kidney that even then the slowhub (smarthub) would still only receive 3g speeds at best.  Ever. So ridiculous.   And verizon, don't you dare try to suggest something or try to contact me.  I've been in IT for 15 yrs, talked with several of your "tier 3 tech support", and Noone has helped.