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Sal from Verizon Authorized Retailer – Fraudulently sold me Products and Services

I went into the Authorized Retailer today located at 4305-D, Clayton Rd, Concord, CA 94521. I spoke with Sal before coming in. I told him I wanted to come in on my lunch break to buy the Galaxy S9 at 11:30am on 9/13/18. I told him I had lost my previous phone, no trade in, just wanted to buy the S9, add to my plan and be on my way. I show up and immediately he brings out 2 products. The S9 we have talked about and a Galaxy Tab A.

He told me a promotion was going on where they are giving away the Galaxy Tab A, a value of $300, all I had to do was pay the sales tax, activation fee, and the monthly line of $10 a month.

HOWEVER, when we got to the estimated billing page, I saw that the estimated charge every recurring month was more than $10 for that specific product. When I asked him about this he played dumb and said “that’s weird, it will only be $10 for the line.” This raised a red flag for me, I said I understood the line was $10 a month with my plan, but what about the surplus of that amount? Am I paying for this device? He continued to assure me it was a promotion where I was receiving the full value of $300 for the Galaxy Tab A. I told him I did not want the Galaxy Tab A if I had to pay more than the stated amount of $10 a month for the line. He assured me. THEN at the final billing page, when it was time to pay, I saw on the computer that the total amount financed included the $300 for the Tab A. AGAIN I asked him why this would be included if the tab was free. He said there was a $100 rebate, so then I asked him about the other $200, where does that come out of? Sal was very confusing, I asked him multiple specific questions about financing, the price, billing, contracts, monthly charges etc. I reiterated AGAIN that I do not want the Galaxy Tab A if I had to pay more than the sales tax, activation fee, and the monthly line of $10 a month

Sal was very vague about answering my questions, but the bottom line that he assured me is that the maximum amount a month I would have to pay for the Galaxy Tab A was $10 a month. No contracts or agreements for this product were ever DISCUSSED or AGREED UPON.

After this transaction I had spent 2 HOURS at this location, although I had called him before the appointment and told him I only had 45 for my lunch break. When I expressed my frustration with this he said it wouldn’t have taken so long if I hadn’t asked so many questions about the Galaxy Tab A. Even though he was taking ‘breaks’ during our interaction texting on his phone and he even took a phone call and left the store at one point!

Additionally, I had wanted to pay for the phone outright – Sal said that was not possible and I had to be put on contract for at least 31 days before I could pay it off. I told him I did not need insurance as I already have it provided through my bank. He said store policy was that I had to purchase insurance for 31 days for both devices and I could cancel after that. I pestered him on these items, but he would not budge. By the end I was so confused about what had happened.

This whole interaction kept eating at me so I decided to call in to customer service and double check a few things. The lady I spoke to was APPALLED at what she had learned about my interaction. She informed me of the following:

  • I had purchased the Galaxy Tab A in full and was now on a contract to pay monthly for it along with the $10 line amount.

  • I was not required to have insurance on either device for 31 days and cancelled it right away at my request

  • I could have purchased the phone at retail price, I was not obligated to be on contract for 31 days

She told me that I had been lied to and that Sal did not uphold Verizon’s Code of Conduct or standards and she would be sending in feedback about him and the store to corporate.


I have spoken to Sal after this and after a disingenuous apology I told Sal why I thought this was wrong. I was upset  so my voice started to waver and he told me that he "was just doing his job as a salesman which is to bundle products and that I shouldn't be acting like this is the end of the world." 

My family has been loyal customers for over a decade at Verizon, through all the other deals and promotions offered throughout the years by other companies because Verizon always took care of us. Seriously considering a change after this.

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Re: Sal from Verizon Authorized Retailer – Fraudulently sold me Products and Services
Customer Support

It’s definitely important that we always sell with integrity and I regret hearing that you have had this experience, TERBAT63. I definitely value your family’s loyalty for over a decade and would regret in seeing you leave us because of this experience. I understand that you have spoken with a representative by phone. I appreciate your feedback and I want to make sure that your concerns have been fully resolved. Is there still any outstanding concerns from this transaction that remain unresolved? If so, please reply to the private message I have sent you so that I may best assist.

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Re: Sal from Verizon Authorized Retailer – Fraudulently sold me Products and Services
Sr. Leader

First know that an authorized retailer is not owned by Verizon.  It’s an independant store.  This person was padding his sales by selling 2 devices, adding a line and insurance. 

Good way to lose his franchise.  Definitely lost your business.