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Signal varies for Novatel T1114 Router with voice.

My signal varies between -114 (poor) to -92 (fairly good).  Per opensignal, my closest tower is south.  My signal gets stronger heading south, so pretty sure this is accurate.  I have the router on the south side of the house, with an external Yagi antenna also facing south approx. 20' in the air on a light pole. (the antenna btw gives around a 10 db jump) Very level terrain (eastern NC).  My signal is always around one of the figures above, i.e. I've never seen -100.  and will jump between these amounts as I'll look and have -114db and 10 seconds later -92db and then back a few seconds later.  Any idea why?

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Re: Signal varies for Novatel T1114 Router with voice.

> Any idea why?

Wireless signals are not a constant value.  They are dynamic and based on the environment at that moment in time.  This is why when performing a site survey we take multiple samples from a location instead of just one.  The result is often an average with the extreme outliers ruled out to help us paint a general picture.

If the majority of your tests are within the acceptable range then you have likely done all that you can already do (facing the tower, external Yagi, etc.).  The rest may be out of your hands and more of a VZW service issue in that particular area.

I would continue to observe and record the service over time to build a case for VZW to investigate.  For example if you notice the service dipping at a particular time of the day or any other trends that can help a technician isolate out any problems.

Re: Signal varies for Novatel T1114 Router with voice.
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I know how important it is to be able to use your phone while inside your home packpe89. Typically service while indoors can vary depending on your home building or infrastructure. Has service always been poor while indoors or is this something that just started? If this just started, when did it start? Has there been any changes made to they device since this started?

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