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BEWARE!!! When you try to get rid of your account they stick you with all they can. I cancelled my device on the 7th and they billed me until the 20th of the month. When I called about it, they tried to blame me, then the computer, you know I knew I had to pay a cancellation fee of $95, my choice, right, but didn't count on them sticking me with half a month's service just because the computer says it's so. We have had problems with them before and after hours of customer service, finally got it resolved. But this is the icing on the cake.

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Terms of service states you get billed for the entire month of service. This isn't something new and all providers do this.


Unbelievably and absolutely the worst service/goods provider I have experienced in 40 years of adulthood.  Snake oil sales, 3 years of failure to provide service promised, and then--upon my purchase of a new device with guarantees from telephone sales staff supported by e-mail confirmation, assuring me of return policies and pro-rated service (activated and then cancelled via telephone in one day), Verizon BLEW MY MIND by reneging on every promised...and after some 12 hours total, attempting to settle their billing errors (and believe me, I have the hard-copy, paper trail of my perfect adherence to contract), the supremely worst customer service experience of my entire life ensued: 

The billing department person, after providing me a detailed timeline which matched their stipulations and my records, insisted that I owed them a bizarrely incorect amount of money.  It was like saying, "Yes, your shoes are red.  They are green.  Oh, of course I can see that they are red.  But they are green.  Period."

(Let me add that other, seemingly unrelated, errors by Verizon were inexplicably committed at various stages of this multi-month-long negotiation and resolution  effort; they mysteriously began billing me for a service I had suspended, without my authorization and well before the "promised" length of suspension...insistences by Verizon that they had called AND e-mailed me to notify me of that change, despite the fact that my phone's call log showed no missed calls and my i=e-mail inbox and spam folder revealed no e-mail contact whatsoever (no error on my part--I only receive about 20 incoming phone calls in any given month....handily, though, Verizon had no problem e-mailing me during the sales process...hmm).

(Note, too, that the aforementioned 12 hours of phone negotiations came after many other hours, over a three-year-period attempting to solve the failure to provide wireless internet which even remotely approached their promises, i.e., 4G LTE mobile hotspot consistently speedtesting at 1.5 Mbps download times per three years...)

The obvious question?  Why do I still use Verizon as internet and phone provider?  I live in a fringe area---only 50 miles from Silicon Valley/San Jose--just a few feet outside my city's limits--and have no other internet provider options; the neighbors two doors away have cable, but it's not available here, I have no need for a landline for telephony (I would have a landline if DSL were available here---but it's not, the area satellite providers claim that the triangulation of towers, trees, and a couple of small mountains prevent them from offering me service, and ATT's "fiber optic" service is a joke--it's just good old copper wire between their endpoint and my house, and they won't guarantee anything approaching their advertised "high-speed" internet.

So I am the fool, paying for what I'm not getting.  But Verizon is evil, for lying, denying reality, wasting irreplaceable months of my life, on hold with their non-tech-support division.  The horror stories are more numerous than I care to relate, but here's one example:  after a half-hour waiting to reach an actual support person, hoping for assistance troubleshooting the administrative settings for the mobile hotspot, her ACTUAL comment, upon learning that I use a PC, was "Oh, I don't know anything about PCs.  I just know Apples."  And guess what?  There are TWO Verizon wireless companies, so if you reach one of them, they'll tell you to call the other one.  Just jaw-droppingly illegal and shameful business practices. 


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hollisterhorrified wrote:

And guess what?  There are TWO Verizon wireless companies, so if you reach one of them, they'll tell you to call the other one. 

Yeah, helps to call the correct number for Verizon Wireless services.