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Verizon Network Extender Experience

I purchased a SCS-2UO1 at the suggestion of a Verizon representative for $ December 2013 as we are in a pocket where the signal is not strong, I connected it as the instructions directed and I thought it helped a little. After a while, I realized that it was not helping at all helping, I left it connected as it was over the 30 days since I purchased it and was told I couldn't return it. I finally called back on December 2014 as service had gotten worse, and was then advised that the extender had to be registered and that settings had to be setup at Verizon's end; that not being registered could be the problem. Tests were run and things were check out but service still is no better. I called again as my son's Republic wireless service works great in our house. I am now being told the network extender is only good if you get MBPS speed of 3.0, but the DSL service we get here is 1.5Mbps. I was never asked about my internet service or speed when I was sold the extender, so all the hours of calls and frustration have been a complete waste of time. The customer service rep I called recently suggested I should try to sell it to someone (Craigslist/Ebay). I should have never been sold this extender and I want Verizon to buy this back from me.

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Re: Verizon Network Extender Experience
Sr. Leader

While Verizon won't buy it back from you, you can still get ~$150 on eBay for it.  Better than nothing.  I would take that money and put towards a good WeBoost 4G booster from Wilson Amplifiers.