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Weak Signal

I am in an area near I-85 and Dale Earnhardt - the coverage map shows excellent coverage, but at my house - I get one, maybe 2 bars. Dropped calls. And I do a good bit of conference calling ... Now, I have a Samsung 4, about to upgrade to a 5 ...

Do I need a booster, an extender ... confused!

And these things are pricey! Will the same one work with different phones? How difficult are they install ... not a genius on these electronics. BTW, my house is two story, a walk-out basement. Upstairs, in the sunroom .... I still only get one bar. Outside, on the street above my house, I get 2-3 bars, but it is not always practical to walk the street to make or receive a call ... since Sprint and other carries use the same towers, not sure that switching would help me ...

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Re: Weak Signal

Are you getting 1 to 2 bars of 3G service or 4G service? What is your zip code?

You need to have a good internet as the extender hooks up to your modem or router and works best when facing the South. You can have 6 devices connected to it at once.