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no help run around

Verizon sucks!!!! I have had Verizon for years.This has now forced me to wright the worst review ever. I have been dealing with this problem for years!!!!! And can not get any place with the customer service or in store. I had my mom , sister , niece on a family line added years ago... Then my mom and sister and niece broke off the account . With out authorization !!! The person working in the store stole my upgrades and now I can not get a new phone until 2016. I was not involved in this matter, They have supposed given me a $300.00 credit witch I can not find. Also when I went into the store they said I had to use it online. I do not go online... So when I am pushed to this point and have to I will let every one know what  has happened. Good job Verizon. Good way to Just keep avoiding people. Great customer service, LOL!!!!!! So the first time I went to the Verizon store I had to wait 2 or more hours after I got off work with my 2 young boys before any one would help me. Nice.... Seeing all the people who came in after me get there problems or new phones taken care of . My boys where tiered had to pee and where hungry for dinner. After the person closed they said we could talk and closed the store and let my 2 boys use the restroom . I would rather buy a car any day than deal with going to a phone Verizon store! So the said I should go to fraud and report this. That my account was now on the correct plan. 2 months later after still paying the family plan and there was only one line on the account... more than 600.00 in over payment not including the guy who worked in the store ... stole my upgrade and still kept me on a family plan with NO FAMILY. I have lost so much money with this Company. I can call in to customer service and I have gotten ..... You have a 300.00 credit, o guess what after going into the store , they say I have to do it online. Fuck THAT !!! I want to see what I'm getting.. Set it up NOW! Not when I get online and hope and wait for a package that may not come or has a million more charges, because I never talked to some one in person. So the run around between calling Fraud , witch is any person at Verizon go to answer when they cant handal there person messing up. Yet all of the people I have talked to admit that Verizon"person" messed up. I get fucked. So What to do ... Hate phone buying thanks ton Verizon, Hate going online , thanks to Verizon, Hate NOT having the phone I should have had a YEAR ago . Thank you Verizon for holding me back in the up to date smart phone world. YOU GUYS ARE THE SURE RUN AROUND PIECES OF SHIT!

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Re: no help run around

Thank you for taking the " correct" things out of my post and messing it so bad that it makes me look like an idiot from the eastside. Way to go IT guys! Good Job.