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In the market place, use your search option for Directv. It will come up. Yes you can dvr shows etc. It does work!

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Doggcatcher- best podcast app so many great podcasts!

RetroCamera- Takes great fun photos!

Leave devil Alone- Fun plants versus zombies clone

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Here are my tops apps on my Droid Incredible:


3 Music Player - Let's you view your album art in a cube and works with all integrated playlists. Has different orientations available and I enjoy it over the default music players.


App Protector Plus -  Lets you put apps behind a pattern or numerical lock. Very ideal for wanting to show off your phone but not wanting to open some  *ahem* questionable apps.


Beautiful Widgets - Best home screen clock I've paid for. Makes HTC Sense tolerable. Then again I've had a Droid X with 2.1 and that was a complete nightmare, so this just enhances the Incredible for me.


Blow Up - Wasted hours playing this addicting game.


CardioTrainers - Tracks a majority of my workouts and integrates my music playlists. Voice announcer lets you hear how much you've accomplished. Very motivating.


jetVD -  Best You Tube ripper out on the market. I had TubeDroid which worked flawlessly. Then one day it disappeared from the market and never worked, Sirius never responded to my e-mails.


Movies App - Lets you stream Netflix, view movie previews, read reviews - perfect movie app.


MyBackupPro - This app backs up the actual app and the market link. Backs up your phone settings. It was my saviour once I got rid of my horrible Droid X.


Photofunia - Let's you use your Gallery or take a new pic and insert into scenic or funny situations. Let's you share via MMS or Facebook/Twitter/etc.


Safe Neighborhood - Let's you view sex offenders in your area.


Soundhound - Sort of like V Cast Song ID except you could hum the tune and it usually gets it right. Doesn't have a lot of Clash music though for some strange reason.


SpecTrek - Got my lazy niece and nephew outside to walk. Uses your camera and GPS to hunt ghosts in your area. Check it out.


Video Ringtone - Ringtones are outdated, now play your favorite music video via your sdcard. Or you can download over 100 options the developer has. Works flawlessly now after some major needed updates.

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does hancent use data or ur text messages


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It would use both. You have to have internet access to utilize the handcent application, and in order to receive text or send text messages it would pull from your account features. The application just enhances your options while you are texting, such as customizing and different styles of texting.

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:smileysurprised: Here is my list... I know its long but it was hard to choose because all of these I love.:smileyhappy:


  • Advance Task Killer – Name says it all
  • Android Id3 – Edit music Id3 tags
  • Beautiful Widgets – Sense-Like Widget
  • Better Cuts – Create Custom Icons
  • Call Blocker Elite – Call Blocker App
  • Circle Battery Widgets – Battery Widget
  • Copy Paste It – Add iPhone type copy paste option of any text.
  • cVolume – Audio Manager
  • Desktop Visualizer - Create Custom Icons
  • Discovery – Watch Discovery Shows
  • Flashlight – Use Camera and Fladhlight
  • Folder Organizer – Customize folder listing
  • Full Screen Caller Id – Fullscreen Image for CallerID
  • Google Translate – Translate Languages
  • History Eraser – Clear System Information
  • LauncherPro – Perfect Launcher Replacement
  • Lock Screen Widget. – Lock device without using top button
  • Meridian Media Player – Universial Player for Videos and Audio with custom widgets
  • Moviefone – Get movue listing for theature and buy tickets before arrival
  • MultiPicture Live Wallpaper – Customize all windows with different image
  • MyBackup Pro – Backup up personal data and settings
  • No Lock – Disable Slide to Unlock
  • Pandora – Online Radio
  • ShopSavvy - Barscanner
  • SilentShot Free – Take photos without audio alerts
  • Sound Hound – Music ID app
  • System Info Widget – Display system status
  • TV Listing – TV Guide for device
  • Video Live Wallpaper – Use any video as wallpaper
  • Vlingo – Reliable voice command
  • Widget Locker – Custom Lockscreen replacement
  • Zedge – Download custom ringers and wallpapers for free




  • Angry Birds
  • Asphalt
  • Baseball Superstars
  • Wave Blazer
  • Blow Up
  • Dungeon Hunter
  • JumpyBall 3D
  • NFS Shift
  • Nova – BEST GAME
  • Spore
  • Super K.O. Boxing 2
  • rThunder2


  • GameBoid Lite  - GBA (Game Boy Advance)
  • Gensoid -  SEGA



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Wow! That is a list! A few of those I use as well, but I think I will give some the others a try after the holidays.
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Ann154 wrote:
Wow! That is a list! A few of those I use as well, but I think I will give some the others a try after the holidays.

:smileyhappy: This what happens when you have a habit of testing app and looking for things better and greater, some times you find a list of favorites.  And the scary part is I use almost all of the apps listed daily.. :smileysurprised::smileywink: