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Apps Killer Application

When I run the apps killer application when I kill the apps.

I get a HTC logo page then my wallpaper with a loading screen then after a few seconds it returns to me home page.

If I then run the app again my mail app is still there even though I had it selected the previous run.

Is the common or is something wrong with my app or phone.

Thanks for the help.



Re: Apps Killer Application
Enthusiast - Level 3

I guess the first question I would ask you is which "App Killer" App are you running?


Second, I would ask you what you are killing?


In the App Killers I have seen, there are "exclusion lists" indicating what you want not killed when you kill other apps. The main one that comes to mind is the one called HTC Sense. My thinking is that you are killing this App and then the system is restarting it.


It also sounds like you are killing your mail app as well. I also figured out not to kill "providers.htccdma"!!

Re: Apps Killer Application

I use, " advanced task manager", 840kb, it's in the Android market place.  I love it!  Now I know you can shut down

apps in the settings menu, but this app allows you to do it with one quick swipe, without a lot a scrolling thru menus.


Now I shut down my apps to save battery power when I listen to mp3's.  I shut down, wi-fi, email, gps, and any apps

that i have loaded that start in the backround when they are qued.  ( i have noticed a lot longer lasting battery).

Of course i put my phone on the charger every night before I got to bed so it's fully charged when i leave the house the

next morning.


Once again, "Advanced task Manager".


Another good app to free up space on the (non rooted Droid),      " Quick App Clean Cache ", also in the Android Market Pl.

After my first use it freed up 30mb of internal memory.


No, I don't sell any of the apps or not affiliated with the sellers - they are just two darn good apps THAT SHOUD BE ON YOUR



All this is IMHO. 

Re: Apps Killer Application

I am using Advanced Task Killer.

It usually gives me this logo screen when I am shutting down my mail apps.