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Apps and others starting themselves after update

Hi all,


I'm experiencing much of the same problems with my Eris after this update as I've been reading on this forum: phone responding slowly to answering phone calls and opening up my mail and text messages, etc.  I want to share a few other things here and see if any of you can help me with them.


I know updates change things, that's the reason for the updates, but this update completely changed all my settings.  I was annoyed but not terribly upset that I had to put my widgets and shortcuts back on my home page, but the other things it changed, I can't figure out how to put back.


The second screen to the right use to be a page of more shortcuts of my choosing, now it's my group Favorites from my contact file.  I actually like that, but don't want it on the second screen.  The third screen is my messages.  Before the update, it was the last screen and I never used it anyway so that last position was good for me.  The last screen now is blank, so I put my widgets and app shortcuts there, which use to be on the second screen.  Anyone know how I can move those screens around?  I know by touching the home icon twice will bring all the screens up and there I can choose the screen I want, but I would just like to slide it over once and get to my shortcut screen I had before.


Also, before the update, I had a screen set up by scrolling to the left that turned on/off my WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS locator.  I was able to replace the first two, but can't find a way to turn on/off my GPS the same way.  I found GPS Tracker, but it's not the same and it launches itself.  I don't want it draining my battery when I'm home.  I'd like to have the option of turning it on and off again at my choosing as I had it set up to do before  (I know the phone, when on, can be tracked, but by turning on the GPS I had before, my location was right on.  Before, it was 2 miles off).  Other programs are also launching themselves and I find myself going into Task Killer and whacking things through out the day.  The three I find that are always running and I haven't opened them are MP3 Store, Settings and People.  I have never even gone into the MP3 Store before.  I copied my music over from my computer.


And speaking of music, I turned the Shuffle option back on, but it always starts on the first "A" song in my list, it doesn't shuffle the beginning.  Seems like a small complaint, but it's one I have.  :smileyhappy:


If any of you can help me put my phone back to the way I had it, I'd appreciate it.





Re: Apps and others starting themselves after update

Yeah 2.1 was kind of weird.  I wasn't fond of it on my DROID and I am not overly fond of it on my DROID Incredible.  It is about the same on both so I am chalking it up to the OS.  I hope 2.2 is better.