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Apps asking about persoanl data

These questions and more pop up when you load some apps? Just wondering who collects that info? I loaded a free ring tone app one of the fields pop up and said personal data, GPS and some other stuff needed.

Thanks for your help 

Re: Apps asking about persoanl data
Sr. Member

Each application will tell you what that particular applicaton has access to.  That does not necessarily mean it needs access to those components on your phone, or that it would use them...  (Say GPS for instance - An app might change ringtone to slilent or vibrate when you go into a movie theatre, if you choose to set it up that way - and if the applicaiton supported it...)


What you need to decide for each app is if you want to allow the application to have access to those areas of the phone that it says it can access.  If not, then do not install the application, and/or check the developer's web site for their "privacy policy" before proceeding.