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Backup Assistant error

I've been having trouble getting backup assistant to sync.  i have 22 waiting to sync.  Get the message to call *611 and then get the //f1type=sas;ui=1;cont=,,;


I called today, they really didn't solve my problem..  The app works on my husbands phone and we share the account.  (haven't check my mother in laws phone yet)



They did tell me to do the export to gmail, but what about the 22 that have not synced??  Kept asking me do you see them??? I have no idea what other 20 are not there, I remember 2.



Another is when I get a new phone that is not a "Google" how in the world would I get my contacts back??  Our dealers here can not transfer numbers and most of the time do not have the "smart" phones on hand.  So we usually order online and activate ourselves.  (do not live in a metro area)


Lately I've been having troubles with this droid global, which was replaced when I had trouble with the droid 2 with dropped calls, and phone acting weird.


This current phone, has acted weird by not letting my unlock the screen when the phone rings, one day I could barely hear people when talking to them and my volume was up.  


I really dislike having to "hard reset" my phone and having to install apps, and recreate my speed dials.  My old LG Voyager was great for having more than 9 speed dials...  Hope these "smart phones" will have more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



WHAT is the best way to get this application working again????







Re: Backup Assistant error
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Try Importing all contacts to Google and then all you have to do is check the double entries and select delete..

1. Log into Verizon Backup Assistant
2. Click on Export to CSV
3. Save File as (or Rename to) Contacts (it should already be converted to CSV so including .csv is redundant)
4. Log into Gmail/Google Voice
5. Click on Contacts
6. Click on Import
7. Browse for the Contacts (.csv) file
8. Click Import

9. Disable BA by going to Settings / Applications . Manage Applications / All Tab / Sync Service / Clear All

All contacts on youir device should sync to Google if they are not in the BA backup...   Now I do say should because no software is perfect.

Re: Backup Assistant error
Verizon Employee

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion Wildman!




I would be happy to assist!  Sounds as though there is something going on with the Backup Assistant application on your phone.  I would like to recommend you ensure your contacts are backed up on Google using the instructions Wildman provided.  Then I would like to suggest resetting the Backup Assistant application on your device.  Instructions and screen shots for resetting the application below:


Reset Application - DROID2 Global by Motorola


Once that is completed, you can restore the contacts using Backup Assistant.


Restore contacts - Backup Assistant - DROID2 Global by Motorola


I trust this will get the contacts syncing properly with Backup Assistant again.  As for the unlock screen issue, have you noticed this after installing any particular applications?  If so, uninstall and reinstall the application and retest.


Let me know how this works out for you!

Re: Backup Assistant error

Backup assistant makes a mess of your contacts data if you have any detail in your contacts.  Disable for good and never look back.  Google Sync is far better.  Just use that.